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Humidor Blog  -  Hall's Humidor ;   Installed   2/22/2010 -
Tempered Beveled glass top and windows - Black ebony with trim - High gloss piano shine - Spanish cedar interior - 120 Cigars -
Location Chandler, Az     Hot Dry Desert
Reverse Order Chronology
8/25/2016 The Virtual Weather Station software is being migrated to an new/different computer. This has resulted in some data discontinuities which are being corrected.
8/6/2011 I've been recharging the humidor about every 3 weeks and the humidity has been holding up terrific. After I seeled the humidor up the humidity is completely controllable. The plots show a very slow change in humidity over time. I'm thinking about making the plot timeline longer so the "recharge" days can be seen.
6/28/2010  I used plastic wrap to cover the top of the Humidor with the glass top opened.  I sealed around the glass with silicon caulk and allowed it to outgas for two days before closing the humidor.  The Humidity held up reasonably during this time.  I re-seasoned the lid / top before closing the lid again.
6/7/2010  Humidity Experiment.  I covered the top/glass with plastic wrap (Glad ClingWrap).  This immediately stabilized my Humidity readings and thus proved that there was a leak around the Glass top.  Physically the glass top felt secure but obviously it leaks around the seal.
5/20/2010  Humidity Experiment.  I  repeated the damp towel experiment many times over 4 weeks.  Partly to confirm and partly to control my humidity.
4/22/2010  I noticed that the humidity seem to vary a lot even after my best efforts to control the humidity.  I noticed that the humidity took a bump in response to my setting a damp towel on the glass top of the humidor.
3/22/2010  Humidifier  I added a XIKAR humidifier with crystals to the original Sponge that came with the humidor in an attempt to control the humidity more closely.
3/15/2010 Installed Oregon Scientific THGR810 Wireless Remote Thermometrer/Humidity Sensor with WMR100 base station and Virtual Weather Station software.  This allows for the Humidor conditions vs time plots.  The software has other features such as email with alarm limits.  The THGR810 matches the CALIBER III readings closely.
3/10/2010 Installed a CALIBER III DIGITAL HYGROMETER  3/10/2010
2/22-3/5/2010 Seasoned the Humidor for 2 weeks with Distilled Water.

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