Hall's   Yesterday Plots
Yesterday's Sunrise: 7:18a Sunset: 5:20p Station Date  12/06/19 Time  11:36p

Attic TemperatureAttic Temp  History

Outside Temperature
Outside Temp History

Rain History

Dew Point History

Ultra Violet Index History

Solar Radiation History

Barometer History

Outside Humidity History

Soil Moisture History

Soil moisture is measured on a scale of 0 to 200 centibars, and can help choose times to water crops.  A high soil moisture reading indicates dryer soil; a lower soil moisture reading means wetter soil.

Soil Temp History

Soil temperature provides temperature compensation for the soil moisture sensors,
greatly increasing the accuracy of the
soil moisture readings.


Inside Temp History

Hi Wind Speed  History

ISS Reception History

The ISS Reception rate shows the percentage of data packets that have been successfully received by the Vantage Pro console.

Air Density History

Air Density is a measure of the oxygen concentration in the air.  High air density readings indicate more oxygen in the air, thus impacting carburetor performance.

Current Weather 3day data Weekly Data Weather Info




High 74.8F
at 2:23p

Low 50.0F

at 6:45a



& Rain

High Dewpoint 56.0

Low Dewpoint 47.0

Rain 0.00in



Solar Radiation

& UV

High Solar 669W/m
at 12:30p

High UV 1.9
at 12:28p



High Humidity 94%
at 7:39a

Low Humidity 39%
at 2:29p


Soil Moisture

Max 17 cb

Min 6 cb